Our Mission
Until Then is dedicated to raising awareness about the issues of street children.  Our mission is to open the minds and hearts of people all over the world so as to engage them in action to bring hope and help to the forgotten street children of the world.  We will dream of a day when all children have homes and families and will work for this reality “Until Then.”

Make a donation today to help street kids like John find opportunity, hope, and family.

Our Approach


By addressing the primary needs of extreme poverty with food, clean water, and education, we can prevent children from migrating to the streets in search of a better life.

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Transitional Care

Transitional care involves preparing street children and caregivers for life together as a family until the reintegration process results in permanence.

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Permanent care looks like a stable home for the first time in a street kid’s life which is facilitated by the Agape reintegration program that has been highly successful in Kisumu, Kenya and is soon to be replicated in Kitale, Kenya.

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