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My Friend John

https://youtu.be/PLJaWwqbjQk Derek and John met while they were both living on the streets of Kitale, Kenya. Derek was 4. John was a little older. Together they learned how to survive on the streets. Together they faced the pain of the violence, drug use, and hunger that comes with life on the streets. It was also together that they had the opportunity to leave the streets and enter life in an orphanage. And this is where their paths began to split. The allure of street life was too much for John to resist. Derek and his younger brother were adopted into a family in America. This video tells the story of Derek and John. The difference between ...

Agape Kitale

Our team was able to spend the last two days here in Kisumu working with Agape Children's Ministry and we may have some very big news! We're in the beginning stages but we plan on partnering to bring Agape to Kitale! To learn more what this organization for street kids does, check out their Facebook page!

Under the Bridge

Freddy is one of the kids that tugs at my heart. There is just something about his winsome smile and charming manner. He dances and laughs and seems to walk on his toes instead of feet flat on the floor. He is not very good at pool and he carries a very large chain. He leaves it outside the door of the drop in center but he assures me that if one of his “family” is in trouble he knows how to use it.  His family is the group of kids he lives with under the freeway overpass downtown.  He tells me he hasn’t seen his mother in years and that’s okay because she wasn’t a good mom anyway. Freddy says he is 18 but I know he is lying. One of the ...