My Friend John

Derek and John met while they were both living on the streets of Kitale, Kenya. Derek was 4. John was a little older. Together they learned how to survive on the streets. Together they faced the pain of the violence, drug use, and hunger that comes with life on the streets. It was also together that they had the opportunity to leave the streets and enter life in an orphanage. And this is where their paths began to split. The allure of street life was too much for John to resist. Derek and his younger brother were adopted into a family in America. This video tells the story of Derek and John.

The difference between the trajectory of John and Derek’s life was the presence of a loving family. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Derek’s family happened to come through international adoption. But that’s not the only answer to such a large issue. Another answer would be to reintegrate a child back into their birth or extended family when it is safe.

This is exactly what Agape Children’s Ministry has done in Kisumu, Kenya. Agape has successfully reintegrated over 1,000 street children off the streets of Kisumu and placed them into families in their home villages. Help us replicate this proven model of reintegrating street children into families in Kitale, the birthplace of John and Derek. We need your financial support to make this happen. Please go to to make a onetime tax deductible gift or a monthly pledge so we can expand this program into Kitale to provide children like John and Derek with a family and the hope of a life beyond the streets.

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